One of the leading companies in the food industry across the Middle-East, Al Alali decided to market one of their products, Al Alali Jam, by launching a competition online. For this, they needed a website where they could showcase the product along with all of it’s features and display content such as nutritional tips, recipes and flavour facts. Prospective customers would refer to the website to answer questions and win prizes. The final execution had to be mobile friendly and in two languages — English and Arabic.



The design of their main website was outdated and they didn’t have any plans to redesign it. Showcasing Al Alali Jam within the existing templates would have resulted in a boring, brochure website. Instead, I designed a microsite specifically for the jam campaign where I created engaging, interactive transitions using the product itself. I made use of icons related to the ingredients and chose a vibrant colour palette that attracted users to the product. Information was easily accessible and presented in a fast and concise manner.








You can see the Al Alali Jam microsite here.